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Upcoming Publication

Timmins - Gogama - Mattagami

Fishing & Recreation Map

To be published August/September 2011

     This highly detailed full color topographic map publication will have a map on both sides of the 28” x 40” sheet.
     The south sheet starts at the watershed and goes north to the lower end of Kenogamissi Lake. Featuring Gogama and Mattagami it goes east from Mesomikenda Lake to the West Montreal River.
     The north sheet will be centered on the City of Timmins and will depict from Dana Jowsey Provincial Park across to Montheith and, from the lower end of Mesomikenda Lake to the lower end Frederick House Lake.   

The two sides are shown below, simplified and in low resolution.

     The map is based on Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) 1:20,000 scale data and is equivalent in area to between 
8 to 10 green federal (1:50k) topographic maps.

     The data has been updated and many additional features have been added. Aside from 14 fish species there
will be approximately 80 legend items. 
Some of the features included are land ownership, contours, provincial parks and conservation areas, lots and concessions, trails, snowmobile routes, canoe routes, waterfalls and rapids, campgrounds and lodges, as well as many other features.

North Side of Map - Timmins, South Porcupine, Porcupine - simplified

North side M9

South Side of Map - Gogama, Mattagami - simplified

South side M9

Detail of  Timmins - Gogama - Mattagami Map with contour lines

 Duncan Lake Detail M9

The list below is a general guideline to advertising prices.

Lodge or Outfit Name only on face of map          $110.00
   next to appropriate lodge symbol

Lodge or Outfit Name on face of map                  $200.00
   next to appropriate lodge symbol
   & ½ width ad in sidebar        

Ad in sidebar - full width                                       $350.00
    & lodge name on map face

Larger Ad Sizes                                                 Negotiable

Prices do not include HST


If you are interested in advertising on this map
please call us at 705 461-1521,
write to Coordinate GIS, 15 Birch Road, Elliot Lake, ON P5A-2C9
or email


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